Heartfelt Work For Victims With Gayle Crabtree #poetrybook #lorijeanfinnila #author

Every now and then you come across a special person that is like magic, a savior, your last grace. Gayle Crabtree happens to be that person to me. She is a former pastor, which I seem to vibe very well with that, as well as her husband being a Pastor preaching now for many years. 

You sit and hold grace for so long, even when you dragging each day one before the other, unfortunately with me sometimes even in physical pain, knowing the Lord will make it better for the hard work you’re doing. It finally happened and Gayle reached out to an organization where I’m helping other victims with my book. She donated a copy of my book to them and I will hopefully continue this journey with them helping them with my books. They are grateful for Gayle and me sending me a heartfelt thank you email for helping victims.



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