Dancing In the Clouds #lorijeanfinnila #newsong #singersongwriter

Photo by Pcdazero at Pixabay.

It's hard to believe
There's been a world like
What we've been in (I have to keep slapping myself.)

To feel free 
Able to be alone
With you so close
Right next to me
Dancing with the clouds
It's still amazing to me

I was your hero
I couldn't walk 
in bigger shoes
Or climb any higher
Dancing in the clouds

My mind sits in the clouds
As images cast many
Emotions in my mind
Never forgetting
You close to me

Laying here
Dancing in the clouds
Dancing with the clouds
A world that's made huge
Before my eyes


I can't wait till next time
We dance with the clouds
I look so forward to these times
When you and I were the closest
When I felt the strongest

Show me a life 
 bursting with hope
A world to change us
Bringing hope
I was as high as I could be



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