He Makes Me Happy #singer #lyrics #rock


When he comes home

When he lets me know he's here

When he comes close

He watches to see me smile

Make sure I have what I need

That I've been happy while he's away

Chorus #1

He is not that man

That did this to me

Although you make fun of me

He makes me happy


I go to duck thinking they'll be a hit

Or a joke to it

He grasps in astonishment

And shows me he is not that man

Chorus #2

He is not that man that did this to me

Every time someone hurts me

It won't be the same way

He makes me happy


He's so sweet

Even with everything wrong with me

He makes me feel so pretty


I remember him

Even though he's not here

He still makes a difference

Chorus #2

Chorus #1


He makes me happy

He makes me happy

Ooooo, oooo

Ooooooooo ooo

Ooo oo



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