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 Free draft of song "Where's My Waltz?" Though I have passion, I still crave romance too.

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay 



All these things of nonsense

Get in my way

I’m trying to push myself

To a place where I’m supposed to be

Though I crave passion

I still do too to romance


Where’s my waltz?

I need love

It’s so important 

To me too

Where’s my waltz?


Tip on my toes in my head

Till I see myself falling off a cliff

I’m busy in my head

Don’t appear to have time

For anything else


Incomprehensible images 

controllingly sit before me

I’m left confused

What is my next step



Perhaps it’s a protector

A guard a knight

A self-defense mechanism

It’s embedded so deep inside me

I can’t see it

Maybe this is why

This is seen to you

So strongly this way


If we've lost everything in life, we still have pen and paper.

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