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We open and give all and are so sure they are falling the same way too, or are they???? :((( Here I am at my best rocking n rolling again. 'Lori Jean' Finnila.'

Draft of song "Falling Into You"

All draft song permissions have been updated, sorry.

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Image by John Hain from Pixabay 


"Falling Into You"


I need you

So much every day

You know just 

Where to reach me

Only you understand how I need you


I'm falling

Helpless to this abyss

Going underwater

Surrendering to this

Falling into you


You say we're close

I question to this

Just because I'm taken so far

Does not mean were cemented to this



Please don't be turned off

By my fright after 

That I feel so soon

I feel the fear in my face



I try to imagine

You're not like this

I get so serious

Thinking this is love

Perhaps it is

Am I going too far with this


I never felt this before

You controlling my body

One minute I'm there

Next minute I blackout into you



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