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Photo Mokup at Pixabay.

"No Dreams" lyrics by Lori Jean Finnila


I thought to be a princess

Live in a fine white house

Drive in a vet

Have my own island


I thought I had a dream

But I found I didn't know 

What one was

Until I had you

When I had already lost one


All the silver

Gold and sparkle became a blur

The lights, shine, camera, fashion

Became last in my mind



I couldn't find any dreams any more

All I could think was love 

That was the most important


The warmth

The touch

The closeness

Was all that I dreamed of now

My dreams had never been real

I didn't know what one was

I didn't know of the word or its meaning

It's a feeling I want 

To feel belonging 

Someplace of meaning

Importance, existence


No dreams

No dreams on my mind now

I don't know what one is

I thought I knew a dream

No dreams now



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