Don't Breathe: I Want to Control You #lovesong #lorijeanfinnila #femalerockartist

 Don't Breathe: I Want To Control You

I know you like me

But at the same time

I know you're terrified

Don't let me fright you

Don't be afraid if I bite you

I know you're going to love it

Don't move away from me

Just sit tight where I'll be

I'll move into you

Where you won't survive

Don't seem like you're not hear

I can see you're eyes

See right through me

I know that you want me

You can't tell me any more 

And when its over

You'll want to die

in my arms

You'll never want to leave

Your strength lost

will make it worse

You'll sometimes

Wish you never met me

But the misery

Will be worth it

Photo by Dainis Graveris from Pexels


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