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First full sentence mom plz play me a record. Abuse to her head as toddler and adult music was bound to her. #giftspot and

Official Video "For You" by Lori Jean Finnila


Friday, January 31, 2020

Top 20 This Week #mpgradio #Canada #abusesurvivor #lorijeanfinnila #Top20

Top 20 this week at @mpgradio in Canada. So proud. "When All the Guilt is Gone" by Lori Jean Finnila #lorijeanfinnila #abusesurvivor not being able to love your abuser except when they're not around #singersongwriter Watch for more new survivor releases coming soon!! "Dying Burning Body" and "Guns Pulled!" 
 Feb. 14, 2020 digital release worldwide through Amuse in Sweden on new music day. This is a song showing long term affects from abuse - Lori's personal story she shares so you can see many others.
Many thanks to Martin Minor at @minor2gomusic for his trusted music loops.

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