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Also check out my updated Bio! Couldn't get it in at my EPK but I'm still working on it. For a download of the bio go here:

Factory Fast Records 'unique artist'
WTYT960 AM Rock Station 'Lori, you rock sister. Loving the new tune' (referring to "So Groovy").
Akademia Music Awards 2019' Executives Award Nominee 'for her dedication and talent to her music.'

Lori Jean is a Royal Blood Award Winning Singer and Songwriter supporting domestic violence victims and stopping gun violence, 17' winner and Executives Award Nominee 19'  from The Akademia Music Awards for her talent and dedication to her music. She is an MTV Italia Showcased Artist for her lyrics and continues to work toward a video there. A survivor herself with a fracture on her left side and gun impacts on her right she had angels coming to her when fighting for her life when she would write of other victims - eventually the music came to her and saved her life, literally - physically. The beats woke her head up when she felt herself constantly slipping away at night during rest.  Her unique style came to her from being a survivor, complimenting the changing world with her lyrics.

She grew up singing to WRKO AM Rock Station's music in MA driving her family crazy screaming her vocals to "Benny and the Jets" by Elton John. She found her rock love in station WTYT960 AM Rock Station replicating her voice onto their airways much more pleasantly.
First full sentence for Mom to plz play a record when her mom would have her nap on the linoleum floor below her, her head resting to the beats. She didn't miss a song after running from abuse the first time in her early twenties with her Sony headphones glued to her head. Being able to photograph so many different musical styles in her head she became progressive in her style.

Lori Jean produces her own music and videos at her Vevo and YouTube channel and music at her Artist Page at Spotify, at WTYT 960 AM Rock Station, 7 Digital, featured at Spain's This is Only Rock Radio, Seattle Wave Radio, Good Sounds Radio, featured Artist at Smile Radio, Catorweb Radio, Scotland's XRP Radio, Tidal, iHeartRadio, featured at Pete's Rock News and Views, and The Rock n Roll Music Company in Boston, and at Soundcloud.

Lori Jean wants to produce life through stories and music. She releases songs about stalking, domestic violence, child molestation and losing love in your heart from abuse and feeling guilt from this. Watch for the latest Spotify releases.  You Have the Wrong Girl, (about stalking) was released June 19, 2018 and also under a video at her Vevo channel. Also more coming up from her royal blood in Royally Correct - works in progress as she writes to her son from his pain when they ran from abuse in "My Tears Turn To Falls."

Lori Jean is a Featured Artist at ACE Music Booking Agency.


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