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I have more new music. I have almost a full album now of tracks I'm proud of. I've been reading 15th century poetry when was the furthest time I could reach to see of my royal blood and this has inspired me.

True Man


Be yourself
Change it
Break it
Don't be fooled
To give your inner child
As long as we need this

A true man doesn't intimidate
A father inspires
Your not a punching bag
Let them get their own

Someone will find you beautiful
You don't have to please
You're on a date
to be served
With an experience
Outside this world


Find your gifts in life
Share them with the world.
If your pleasures don't involve love
So be it

Don't alter yourself
The joy in life is the subtle chill
Of loving yourself


Children are grand
but you don't have to have one
think of the most critical
element of our world
tell your mother all your problems

When you question
your ability to cope
take a deep breath
this is normal


This is a true man
This is a true man
This is a true man
This is a true man

Updated Life Is Open
and Free My Bluebirds with a composition

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


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