The Great Pain

Free Song

For mummies in pain without their children that were sold.


The great pain
The great pain
Every day I live without you

Oh baby
My baby blue
It is true
I will search high and low for you

You were ripped from my arms
The officer stood tall and proud
When he pulled his gun out on me
I shrilled and cried
For I had to hand my baby over
No warrant in sight


From the pickets in the streets
To the gates of dc 
Nothing is too big or too small for you
When cps comes
I'll do it all for you

Baby, oh my baby
You were ripped from me with no reason 
Just treason to our children
Sold to someone else in this world with
No one loving them in mind
The great pain
The great pain of living without you 

Many mums fight every day
Thinking of the future of our children
In every way
You know mommy loves you with all her heart
She will go to the end of the line for you 
And never stop



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