Sharing My Love

A copy of this book will be given out to everyone who buys my Rumination Album at XRP Radio. Since I'm still working on it-and it will be done soon, please email me your receipt of your purchase to and you will be the first one's to receive the digital book when it comes out. You can also phone me if there is a problem at 503 568 1687.

I'm sharing my love with you of my journey, and the gifts that I have learned and found that were given to me to help make you live happy, or more happy, successful, or more successful, and most importantly-filled with love. Here is a sample page of the spiritual book of poems, messages, and love of my learned journey being made for you. It is inspiration to help me finish my CD, Rumination.

Much love! Book title: Forgiveness for the Soul, Gratitude for Vitamins by Lori Jean


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