"Finding Truth Through Passion" Poetry Book Press Release

Poetry Book Release "Finding Passion Through Truth"

From a pandora box of abuse Lori found her passion in life while searching for the truth in her life.

"It Can Only Be Heaven" Press Release

EP Release "The Beast of Heaven" Oct. 26, 2020 Inspired by One Woman's Story Rallying for Necessities at War Times

NewsBreak Portland

Westford Academy Alumna Nominated for Song

Lori Jean Finnila ISSA USA Female Single Of The Year Nominee 2020

Song "Guns Pulled" Preparing for Release on National Gun Survivors Week

Lori Jean with Radio Show Host KC Armstrong of Howard Stern

 The Rock n Roll Music Company

 Official Songs Press Release 2019' 

Mi2N Official 2019' Music Press Release

Press 2019' Song Releases in Word


Rock N Roll Marketing

Featured at Pete's Rock News and Views

MTV Italy

Music Industry Today

Making a Difference

"You Have the Wrong Girl"  Major press release

You Have the Wrong Girl Music Press Release

Country Music Award

All the Hip Hop

"Hurts So Bad Outside" for 'Lori Jean' Press Release

There's a Way Through By Lori Jean


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