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Lori Jean Finnila Streaming

Top Charts and Accolades

Factory Fast Records 'unique artist'
WTYT960 AM Rock Station 'Lori, you rock sister. Loving the new tune (referring to "So Groovy.")
Academia Music Awards 'Known and 2019' Executives Award Nominated for her dedication and talent to her music.'

Top Charts 100 Artist

'Best Country Song' Sept. 17' "Is It the Time" by 'Lori Jean' Finnila

#NowPlaying Discover Weekly by Spotify 'Lori Jean'

The Mint LA Performance

Ned Euphorya who saved my life, composer

Found by I Love Music

Nailed it!! by Factory Fast Records

Super Lady Top Charts in Russia and on TJ's MuseBoat Show in Vegas

Resurrect My Home and Just Like Yesterday featured on Hamilton Radio and Q Star Radio simultaneously.

 "I Put on My Gloves"

Little Girls by Lori Jean on Qstar Radio and Hamilton Radio

iTop iTunes Charts

Top Charts 40 "Resurrect My Home"

This is what a label does for you. Thank you Factory Fast Records!! Over 1 million views.

Featured at MuseBoat Radio for "Super Lady" and Top Charts for "Resurrect My Home" where Kiss's Lena X Sin City Top Charts as well.

Top Charts at MuseBoat Radio for Resurrect My Home

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